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economic timesTime is a luxury that Saudi Arabia can no longer take as a right. Being a number one Promoting Agency we now have exclusive tie-up with Financial Occasions Newspaper which permits us to offer particular reductions on Tariff rates. Olodumare is the Yoruban supreme being , creator of Heavens and earth – time and day and night time.

For a very long time, policymakers have been trying to find methods that may provide folks with immediate earnings (as they face the lack of unemployment insurance advantages), help to scale back the scarring” which will damage the employment prospects of the long-term unemployed, and assist the exhausting-to-make use of” in gaining work experience.

The younger leaders who’re rising to the event and are an necessary part of the story of a resurgent Asia and Business leaders who’ve contributed to equitable financial growth and have excelled in building worthwhile, sustainable and socially acutely aware businesses.

The Asean Business Outlook Survey 2014, the key barometer of US enterprise sentiment in Southeast Asia, has likewise cited the Philippines as the most improved” nation among members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations with American corporations expressing elevated satisfaction over the stability of the nation’s political system.