Online Business Ways on Facebook

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Since Facebook appeared before the public, this one social media is often used as a means of promising business promotion. Unlike other social media, Facebook has its own terms and conditions when you want to promote a business. You must compete with advertisers throughout Indonesia if you want to advertise on this one social media. Generally, Facebook has three criteria to be able to determine which ads are worth displaying, which are related to the nominal offered by the advertiser (advertiser bid), relevance and advertising quality (ed quality and relevance), and estimates of Facebook user responses when viewing the ad (estimated action rate).

Here are some ways to trade online on Facebook, how to sell online on Facebook successfully, how to sell clothes online on Facebook, how to post sales on Facebook, how to market products on Facebook, to how to make Facebook to sell that might be useful for you.

• Facebook page

So that later you will smoothly do your business through Facebook, of course you have to have a Facebook page. The trick of selling online shops using this page should you function well, look for as many thumbs as possible. Because this is the way you can use to get customers that you will later point to the Facebook page. You can provide your online business link on the page so that people can find out your business first.

• Audience

It turns out that having a Facebook page is not enough, you also have to be diligent in interacting with audiences (likers) who diligently visit your page. You can do interactions here by sharing informative articles, or just making interesting status. Don’t forget to give a little joke, because most people are happy with jokes. You can find out how online shop resellers work to provide an overview for you to interact with your audience.

• Facebook shop

In addition to pages, Facebook also has an online store platform. You can also use this platform to launch your online business. This online store can later be integrated with your Facebook page. Later, transactions made through online stores on Facebook are immediately done with you without using an intermediary. You only need to store the items sold, the buyer will then be directed to the message and you will simply reply to the message to follow up.

• Create a Social Media Account

The last best-selling online selling trick to make your online business on Facebook more smoothly is to create an account on other social media and connect everything. If you already have a Facebook page, you can create an Instagram account and connect the two accounts to make it easier to get customers. Not only Instagram, Twitter can also be an option because Indonesian people still use Twitter as one of the social media that is used everyday. However, keep in mind that having multiple social media accounts also requires you to interact actively on all social media. Because even though your followers (followers) are few, if your interaction on social media is good then the chances of your online business going forward and surviving in the following years.